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insider threat


500 B.C. Sun Tzu, The Art of War, wrote about the insider, no less today than 500 B.C. the insider threat is still present.  The threat from within should form part of the integral security programme and the security management system of any business.   The insider threat, whether from criminals, terrorists or competitors seeking a business advantage, may rely upon the cooperation of an insider. This could be an employee or any contract or agency staff who has authorised access to your premises. He or she may already be working for you or may be someone newly recruited who has infiltrated your organisation specifically in order to seek information or exploit the access that the job might provide.



Brooklyn Associates will review your practices and provide expert advice and experience in the investigation of the insider threat, including that of 10 step cyber protection, protecting the environment of sensitive office locations, good housekeeping, technical equipment locations and other vulnerable areas. Taking a holistic approach to the inside threat and not focusing on one area.

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