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Community engagement programme for up to 70 individuals                                                                                      1 Day 


Train the Trainer Programme for community engagement  (for 6 trainers)                                                                    3 Days 



Behaviour detection awareness training up to 20 individuals                                                                                         1 Day   


Behaviour detection training for security practitioners  (min of 15 to a max of 20 individuals)                                    3 Days



SeMS introduction and awareness course (mini of 10 to a max of 20 individuals)                                                         3 Days 



Control room managers and operators MTA training (for 6 individuals)                                                                        1 Day 



Investigators course aimed at managers tasked with investigating security and safety incidents                               1 Day


VIP facilitation training for airport staff involved in assisting  agencies involved in the close protection of VIP’s       2 Days



All the above requires VAT adding at 20% plus travelling expenses, accommodation and per diem. Any overseas travel where the flight time is more than 4hrs will be charged at business class rates. Accommodation will be minimum of 4* at bed and breakfast rates.


The Customer is responsible for ensuring venue is suitable for training and supplying all technical aids.


Consultancy Requirements on application





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