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Framework for Security Management Systems (SeMS)

Organisations need to ensure they have the processes and procedures in place to deliver an effective, efficient and compliant security provision.  Security management systems (SeMs) helps organisations be better prepared to meet these challenges, it is a top-to-bottom culture when implemented leads to an efficient and effective secure operation, providing direction and accountability, it provides a formalised, risk driven framework for integrating security into the daily culture of the company, the Entity. It will enable the Entity to identify and address threat and risk, it will also identify gaps and weaknesses in a consistent and proactive way.

 The system will lend itself to being self-managed with the addition of a continuous improvement programme and a clear understanding through the key components of SeMS promoting an effective security culture. 

Brooklyn Associates is able to provide you with a 3 day SeMS awareness programme aimed at raising awareness on SeMS and how organisations can develop their own SeMS protocals I will draw upon experience in policing, police firearms, aviation security, the  National Intelligence Model and the National decision-making model for policing, comparing to the frame work of SeMs its component parts and will advise others in developing their own security management system.

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