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Each day the public makes use of our essential transport infrastructure, visits large scale public events or crowded places such as airports, seaports, shopping malls and hotels. Brooklyn Associates will provide a Counter terrorism and organised crime security awareness programme based on experience taken from 6 years of managing at the UK second busiest Airport a UK National Security Counter Terrorism community engagement programme which has in excess of a 15year pedigree and part of the UK Government Counter Terrorism Contest Strategy and Prevent Strand.

Preventing, Protecting and Preparing your entity with more eyes and ears within the environment, raising awareness and providing individuals with confidence to report suspicious activity or behaviour, assisting in reducing the vulnerability and mitigating the risk from hostile intent. Installing a security culture and team participation where each and every individual is in tune with their environment and prepare them as to what to do in times of a crisis.

In addition, an introduction to a community engagement mobile application where your business can fully collaborate and integrate with your community enabling the reporting of suspicious activity and allowing for alerts and broadcast by the entity, developing a security culture where the entity own the data unlike many other social media applications. Designed for policing and security in mind.

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