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Brooklyn Associates will review and advise on joint border working from the experience gained with the shadow Border Police Command, the National Crime Agency, UKBF, Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit, Special Branch and Regional Organised Immigration Crime, Human Trafficking forum and Airport Security.


Modern day slavery has huge social and economic impacts on the state, in the UK alone estimated at £890million each year.  Airports and Seaports are the gateways from the local to the global destination, providing the opportunity for interdiction in pursuing, preventing and protecting the State from terrorism and crime.


Airports and Seaports require a seamless and secure experience treating passengers as guests, where the public, the passenger, the employer and employees feel safe in the environment, with a clear understanding of the purpose of security and why there are processes and procedures in place.


 Brooklyn Associates will provide advice on operating a Joint Border Intelligence Unit, a fixed intelligence management unit where all information is received into a central location, assessed by assessors with the correct response actioned.  Based on experience from coordinating and tasking within the Counter terrorism environment. This service is aimed at creating Joint Border Policing environment with Airport Security, Immigration and Customs.


Identifying and advising on shared technology and shared cost, benefiting all and supporting best practice on joint working at the Border. Enabling all to work together and not in silos.

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