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In times of crisis or marauding terrorist attack how do you communicate with your staff, key partner agencies and the community? What key messages would you broadcast and how would that message be delivered. All too often it can be seen that agencies cannot talk to one another, they do not have the technology to communicate with each other or they operate in silos located some distance from each other or there is communication failure. In a crisis situation all forms of communication need to be considered and utilised. 80% of all people own a mobile telephone, it makes sense to integrate your communication into an equivalent social media platform.


An incident can develop at a speed, when things start to go wrong they go wrong quickly. Time is of the essence, priorities need to be implemented quickly, warning and informing others involved and those caught up in identified zones of communication is critical. There is a need to mitigate risk and manage responses. In a crisis, there is little time. Seconds save lives.

 Brooklyn Associates will introduce you to a truly enterprise communications software system enabling the entity to communicate with all agencies and staff not just during a crisis, but during daily business as usual. Enabling the community to engage and respond, enhancing security with a Community engagement application and an Essential operations communication application platform both linked to a command and field dashboard. Providing situation awareness and a common operating picture where you the entity own the data unlike other social media applications. The system is highly secure built to military encryption and designed for policing and security. Enabling the sharing of information based on access and permissions ensuring the right information is shared at the right time and to the right people, enabling the correct response.


 Command and control - when placed in command take charge. You will be judged by your actions and outcomes"

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