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We rely on CCTV to provide the watchful eye and act as the guardian protector of the environment. It is an essential part of the integral security of the environment. It monitors high-risk areas, provides customer confidence, protects staff, encourages good behaviour. The question is, how much do you value your control room managers and operators? Are they trained to deal with a marauding terrorist attack, do they know their role and responsibility? Do they know their priorities? Are they prepared? Are they multi-skilled? Is there a chain of command, access control and are operators trained in behaviour detection methods?  Is there a lock-down procedure and are they trained in the use of the PA system and how essential the use is in an MTA or crisis or self-evacuation?


Brooklyn Associates will provide you with training to prepare control room managers and operators for an event such as an MTA, introduce you to tactical options centred around collaboration and integration of CCTV with partners, state of the art communications and other secured intelligence gathering opportunities whilst providing for shared opportunities and costs.

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