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behaviour detection

Brooklyn Associates is an advocate and practitioner of behaviour detection. Behaviour detection is increasingly seen by security and governments around the globe to enhance security, allowing for a tactical option forming part of the security culture. Brooklyn Associates has been involved with the use of such tactics at a UK World famous sporting event, such tactics can equally be applied to assist in protecting the environment, such as airports and transport hubs, financial districts, mass sporting events from the threat of terrorism and serious organised crime.


Brooklyn Associates is able to provide you with:




  • 1 Day behavioural awareness course aimed at security personnel, CCTV operators and any public facing staff


  • 3 Day practitioners programme aimed at enhancing skills already possessed by security personnel to enable tactical deployment  


​​Designed for Police and security teams to identify behaviour and anticipate security threats based on tried and tested tactics using investigation skills as employed in counter terrorism investigation, using risk assessment and verification of concerns. 

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